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Intelligent Real-Time Health Monitoring for Seniors

As seniors become the fastest-growing population globally, we're dedicated to crafting an intuitive and user-friendly interface that profoundly enhances the quality of senior care.

Our role in revolutionizing senior care centers around designing a user interface that empowers caregivers and improves the lives of seniors. We've been instrumental in shaping the innovative solution alongside our partner, a venture-backed, AI-driven digital health company.

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All-in-one School App Empowering Institutions, Teachers, Parents & Students

At the forefront of innovation, we've contributed to a groundbreaking cloud-based 'Mobile First' school management platform that redefines academic and administrative processes. It also reshapes the way schools engage with parents, resulting in a more efficient, accessible, and parent-friendly approach while reducing over 50% of the time spent by school staff on routine management tasks.

Cancer Awareness Digital Kiosk through Participatory Design

Introducing the groundbreaking Cancer Institute Health Surface Kiosk, meticulously designed to provide comprehensive analytics and in-depth information on cancer-related topics. We've crafted both the software and user interface in-house to ensure a seamless, informative, and user-friendly experience for all.Our collaboration also gave rise to 'Information on Wheels,' an eye-catching awareness bus that roams the streets, facilitating 'Interaction on Wheels' and educating the public.

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works image

Streamlining RoRo Shipping and Vehicle Logistics with a dedicated application

An application developed for one of the world's largest Norwegian/Swedish shipping companies, specializing in the transportation of roll-on/roll-off equipment, which includes automobiles, heavy machinery, yachts, trailers and more. This application is customized to meet their specific requirements, equipping their workforce with essential tools for optimal performance.

Face Authentication and UI Design in Digital Banking Evolution

We collaborated with one of India's foremost banking and financial services company. As India's third-largest private sector bank by market capitalization, this institution is renowned for its comprehensive suite of banking products and financial services.

Our work centered around a transformative project – the development of a cutting-edge Face Authentication Solution. This innovation redefines the way customers access and secure their accounts, providing a seamless and secure user experience.

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